Best aiming settings for apex legends (ps4 +xbox) literally aimbot!

This is a short video on the best advance settings on apex legends to help aim and control better on on PS4 and Xbox controllers.

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  1. This definitely helped brother, the only thing I gotta worry about now is getting the right loot lol.

  2. Bro anyone can aim straight recoil isn’t hard to deal with. I need actual aimbot so I can shoot someone across the map with kraber

  3. These settings are so good I lasered my friend with weird weapon combos like Spitfire+ Ranger scope and he actually started to rage

  4. Thanks alot mate. Trying to hit 15 kills as kill leader and hopefully this will help. I'll come back tonight to review the settings.

  5. yo bro I'm just starting to play apex like today and enjoying it I can hit shots but what are the best settings for me?

  6. Most underrated youtuber ever. I just dropped a 10k for my first time! INCREDIBLE.

  7. Omg broooo.I just hit 4 wins in a row after switching to this.Swear this video should be aimed as how to be god mode in apex

  8. These settings are cracked all I changed was that I put my deadzone a little bit up and I literally don’t miss

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