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  1. you are a beast! I like watching you. I am learning from you and I love to play apex in my free time.
    Best of luck!

  2. Sooooo skilled and fun guy. I love his positive vibes.
    Also the CLG squad is so funny 😂

  3. That just warmed my heart so much, knowing I saw 90% of the video live.Wanted ro thank you for your dedication and hard work proving that you can actually make it, after I heard your story and how you started I insta followed you and that was a really good descision. I gope 2021 treats you better than 2020 and tou continue your climb to the top.You are great!

  4. Cheers Madness. You really made Apex great to watch for me. Here’s to a new snd better year

  5. My favourite Apex Legends moment was the Phasmophobia clip 😂😂 but for real what a great highlight reel and here's hoping 2021 is even better.

  6. Letssss goooo. This was hilarious and badass at the same time.

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