Best Apex Legends Players

Best Apex Legends Players

In this apex legends players, im going to show you the best players, and then explain why they are the best. There are good pc, and console, ps4 and xbox players in apex legends. It was hard to find the best players in apex legends, but here they are.


In no order:


  1. I think ras is the best apex player. he literally bullies people in ranked

  2. Why listen to you tell people they can’t do what they can if someone else is doing it then so can anyone else

  3. 1. Aceu
    2. Albralelie
    3. Dizzy
    4. NiceWigg
    5. Apryze
    6. Reps

    I included a 6th place because Aceu is leaving Apex for Valorant.

  4. TSM Albralelie is definitely the most aggressive player on the list. all his games he's always running head first into a fight

  5. Shivs FPS must be top 2 if not the top player, you missed the complete skillful gamer out there !!

  6. Daltoosh is a god but doesnt deserve a better position than the other ppl in this list.
    Also dizzy isnt here 😐

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