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These are the best apex legends console settings that you will find. Best settings for apex legends ps4 and xbox. These are apex legends best console settings. This video will also teach you how to aim better on console apex legends and how to aim better on console apex legends season 3. Improve accuracy on console apex legends season 3.

I go through apex legends settings ps4 and xbox players can use in depth. There are many apex legends…


  1. I came here because I always feel like I'm the reason why my teammates and I loose. I want to be useful to my teammates for once

  2. Im here to be better i have never ever gotten more than 3 kills and being the kill leador or champ
    I will notify if this works

  3. Thanks bro my aim was all bad now it is really good and I aim bot and now I get like 8 to 10 kills a game now

  4. Hey bro have you gained alot of subs cause last time I remember i commented about 1k now you have 12k+

  5. This man helped me w settings, I watched the first one that popped up and it messed me up

  6. I came here bc I play different w friends. I always get 1 kill, always knocked so I need help lol

  7. Just thought if I'm gonna go pro I'm gonna have to find the most viable setting that works for the best of my ability

  8. I came is because my friends have like 8995 kills and stuff and I have 265 kills I’m og played since apex came out then I tried on another YouTube setting video it helped a bit but still isn’t enough when ever I go random apex matches I always get called trash

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