BEST Controller Fortnite Sensitivity + Settings + Dead Zone! (PS4 + XBOX + PC) Season X | Ratix

Hey guys, check this out and edit faster on controller 🙂
In the next video I will show you the best settings and sensitivity.

Song: Lofi Boy – Trust

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  1. Use most of these already but I'm pretty insane at editing for a controller non claw player

  2. 1v1 me. Im pretty good 5K + points in arena and i played multiple tournies. (Cash cups)

  3. Can u teach me some stuff? My epic is Simi_22 im on EU servers I just started playing on switch recently so I’m pretty bad…

  4. 1v1
    SEN Sad pls bro i wanna see if im good enough

  5. 1v1 please my epic is YuzzaYT if it doesn't work tell me yours thanks I'm on east I'm only available rn

  6. Dude srsly thanks. By the way if you could could ya sub to me?? Only I have 17 oof. Anyway thanks I was alright before this but now I’m better. You have a new sub 🤗. What do you use for the intros and outros btw

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