Best Fortnite Nintendo Switch Settings Chapter 2 Season 2 ( Aimbot Hack )

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  1. I actually don't have my switch right now but Gwen i get it back ill only use the aim settings so quick question look vertical and horizontal is part of the aim right?

  2. Ok I might have said that these settings are good but only good for aiming not for editing and building for me but when I switched to linear with daiko settings I became much better thanks daiko.

  3. I tried these settings and now I am a pro. Thanks daiko. Good keybinds too

  4. Daiko pro-ish tip. Turn on Sprint by default, then put jump on left stick, move edit to right on dpad to remove squad cons and put repair on your old edit button placement. Use paddles for edit and crouch/pickaxe.

  5. Wow i am now using daikos setting but not the keybinds and im now a goat.thank you daiko im playing so much better

  6. How did you record you playing fortnite on Nintendo because I thought you couldn’t record fortnite on Nintendo??

  7. Okay okay I’m on Xbox this still applies to me right I’m trying to get good

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