Best FREE Fortnite cheat RIGHT NOW! (Working 2020!)

Yo bois new upload it iz what it iz. If yall picky bois see that the dlls change in the video its cuz i got my friend to record the gameplay since my epic games wont install. (I change the Dll after he recorded) More gameplay will be out tmr!

Thanks for 500 subs bois

Thanks to Cozmics for making this and letting me give it out for free!


Go follow his twitch!…


  1. i got banned bro
    cause the fucking cheat would kick me from the server

  2. another question the spoofer when I open it put it and finish using it, I restart the pc and can I play fortnite again as if nothing had happened? sorry for my English

  3. hello bro you know how to undo the fortnite account, the pc already undoes it but the account does not

  4. hmm mapper dont worsk for me i dont see text and i have windoes 10

  5. Its say exception « occurred – > [+] Failed to load to drive! » help !! my antivirus is already off too so I don’t know what to do

  6. Ok so I open mapper.exe then wait for it to finish then I load into fortnite after that’s done I open inject and click numb pad 0?

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