BEST GAMING PHONE for PUBG Mobile 2018! (MAX FPS in Ultra HD – No Lag)

“BEST GAMING PHONE 2018! BEST Phone for PUBG Mobile – PUBG Mobile Best Settings, Best Graphics, Best Controls – Ultra HD (Fix Lag) NO LAG PUBG MOBILE! Best Phone to Play PUBG Mobile (Vivo NEX & Oppo Find X) PUBG Mobile Tips Tricks Gameplay Update”


How to GET MORE KILLS and Win! (PUBG Mobile Tips)

Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with a very special PUBG Mobile video! I got a chance to test…


  1. it would’ve been a bit better if you recorded the vid in 60fps so at least we get the see how good the Pubg plays in that phone.

  2. Yeah motor camera try drop test if thats not cool, i dont know about it..

  3. I have Huawei mate 20 pro. With performance mode on
    Pubg settings with GFX Tools: UHD, 60 fps, HDR, Anti Aliasing 4x, Shadows enabled, Render quality high, Light effects high
    It is getting a bit hot after hour of gameplay, but no lag or noticable framedrops at all. Perfect for me

  4. As far as mobile the new iPad Pro blows everything clean out the water, even this phone or the Samsung 10, nothing is close. In fact it would handle a more pc style pubg

  5. Best phone for this (one of the best phones for this) is maybe the Republicks Of Gamers phone for 22 K isnt it ?

  6. Well, it's an amzing video that I really appreciate your efforts but the price of the is too big In amount of money. actually I am from Pakistan, so, if I am gonna buy one absolutely I will have to collect 1.3 lakh rupees. Here is some information about price by google, "Retail Price of Oppo Find X in Pakistan is Rs. 129,999. Retail Price of Oppo in USD is $969"

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