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So patch 0.13.0 threw out a little snippet with regard to the ability of certain devices to now run HD / HDR i decided to push it one step further and go ULTRA / HDR and record the footage for you grubs.

It looks incredible and it is so not the way to win mor echicken dinners but it was great fun trying.

Cheers amigos!

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  1. My SamsungGalaxyS10 can go like it HDR Extrem but i play now on ipad pro 12.9 2018 on extrem and smooth

  2. I saw u throw away the 6x choosing to keep the 4x instead. Isn’t a 6x more adaptable and an overall better option to keep?

  3. The flares look great! I like dropping with HD sound and clouds too

  4. I can use hdr/ultra on my device. But i prefer smooth/extreme its is better when moving ..

  5. Back when I had an okay device and took the game seriously, it was smooth and extreme framerate for max efficiency.

    After I bought OnePlus 7T, it's HDR all day every day. Lol

  6. can anyone tell me what does bushka say in his intro "hello there…….doing it" something like that! the auto english caption is senseless…. thank you in advance!

  7. "Some devices to run HDR at high framerate"

    Laughs in Android, HDR 60fps settings on any device

  8. Apparently, an iPad Pro 12.9 inch isn’t high end. It can’t support HDR or extrem FPS. Well done PUBG, keep up the worst work possible

  9. And I need my graphics to look likes Minecraft 😅 to get a no lag 40fps.

  10. I run her at ultra frame rate with shadows and anti-aliasing all the time I have no problems. I'm using a Samsung galaxy tab s4 with amoled display. It does look great. My wife is a little jealous her device want quite run that for some reason. She has a huawei.

  11. I play on HD and Cinematic on it it’s amazing your my favourite pub G mobile content creator you deserve 1mill subs I whach you videos every day and the streams I’m from uk😀

  12. ᴀᴛ 2:33 "ɪ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ᴛᴘᴘ" ᴛʜᴀᴛ's ᴡʜʏ ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ 🇧​🇺​🇸​🇭​🇰​🇦​😁
    ʟᴏᴛs ᴏғ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ғʀᴏᴍ ɪɴᴅɪᴀ🇮🇳

  13. @thebushka Would you say smooth extreme is better than hd with ultra framerate?
    Or and what is everyone else's thought?

  14. I would recommend to turn off shadows and anti-aliasing, as it takes more power from the processor, thus giving the game a bigger chance to lag and not be able to keep up the frames. Just a computer scientists thought on that! yes might look great but wont do good otherwise

  15. what device you play on?
    Ah there you said it haha my bad!
    I can't do apple the hate is too big… 😛
    But what you said, what does the lightning cable and macbook?

  16. Why are you playing this crud still when you are in australia and could be playing Call Of Duty Mobile… you're australian!
    Is it cuz tencent give you money?

  17. How does people watch him… talking about graphics and shows controlling the guns you use… tf? And only using 4x???? Dude needs to chill

  18. U want gd graphics plat on PC or xbox mobile games are meant to play at doc apt an etc or if u cant get a console this shits a joke lol wtf who takes mobile gaming seriously anyways 8 year old kids

  19. I am very curious about one thing. Which are the devices that could run PUBG on HD and High, and now HDR and High, cuz I am not one of those….

  20. It’s crazy how much better the mobile version is compared to the console version

  21. Bushka. I started following you from when you started your Blitz vids ages back. Was super stoked to see you start up with PUBG bro. Your vids are the most honest and informative across YouTube. Your presentation is fun and your delivery perfect. I look forward to your new vids. Was totally flabbergasted when all your vids disappeared a few weeks back and ended up searching the net trying to find out what happened. Glad you sorted that out. Have you thought about setting yourself up a website so if the platforms decide to mess with your lively hood, people can still find ya and you can still get access to your fans ? Anyways bro, Keep up your good work. You da man !!!!

  22. Turn off shadows when using hdr or hd…

    Less stress on chip
    Less heating
    More visibility
    Great texture quality

    Trust me.. Its great..

  23. Hey Bushka , i need your help my friends account has been taken over or hacked she cannot access it she redownloaded the app and its in chinese now . How can we get it back or how do we contact tencent

  24. Meh, my original Xbox one can do better than all of that overpriced garbage to play a worse game. Lol.

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