BEST HITBOX IN THE GAME? – Apex Legends Character Hitbox Review

PLEASE NOTE! Since making this video there has been a major change to Pathfinder’s hitbox and minor tweaks to the hitbox of Gibraltar and Caustic.

Is Wraith broken? A closer look at all character hitboxes.

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  1. Lmao! when that team attacked you while you were working.. you got all pissed and went "fuck off mate! we're doing live drawings here"

  2. So in theory ( personal retarded decisions aside ) if I start playing Wraith more, I should die less often

  3. Can you do a characters perspective showcase? I notice Wratih is soo low to the ground compared to Gib. Does Gib has an advantage when it comes to peaking over higher objects?

  4. Trying to enjoy this game, for the most part it's decent but the hitboxes are horrendous

  5. If im in a gun fight i will be crouching and running like a ninja because of this

  6. Hey! I would love if you could make an updated video on Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Caustic, since their hitboxes were changed. Also if you could test Octane's hitbox. That would be very appreciated.

  7. No wonder why it takes like 3 or more clips to kill me when I’m running around as wraith

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