Best PubG Mobile Gamepad | Flydigi Wasp Reviewed

One of the best smartphone gamepads for PubG Mobile is the Wasp N/X by Flydigi, and our full review shows how to setup and get gaming with the Wasp. The one-handed design is perfect for PubG, allowing you to customise the button layout and use a combination of physical and touchscreen controls – so you’ll be winner, winner, chicken dinner in no time.

We’ve tried quite a few gamepads for Android and iPhone, to perfect our PubG Mobile game – and the Flydigi Wasp is one of our favourites….


  1. Seen so many videos but no ones channel show how to map the move around joystick 🤔🤔🤔

  2. can you insert this onto the other side? like instead of placing it on the top, you place it from the bottom where the power plug is located at?

  3. After 6 months of use, I don’t recommend, very expensive and sometimes stuck , this thing will put you in a difficult position in the game

  4. I'm looking into getting the bluetooth variant of this device I was wondering will this Fit a Samsung Galaxy S9+?

  5. hello I have a problem running fast I can not run faster does not arrive at the sprint as I fix that problem plz help

  6. Thak for the review but I think it’s not comfortable to grab only one side? And apparently it slip off from hand easily…just my observe

  7. عندي زيها بس ما عرفت كيف اركبها في الجوال واستخدمها الي عنده خبره يعلمني

  8. So like, where the fuck do you plug in headphones. Players who don’t use headphones are my favorite, lol.

  9. I consider that Tencent's policy will lead to fail…Just ask tencent to allow any gamebad or controller rather than banning players for no reason,they dont hack or cheating like others do, it's just play style and every one is free to use anything he add or use As long as you do not mess with the origin of the game or hacking it . Finally they can make their own software 😉

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