Best updated aiming advanced settings for Apex Legends console ( ps4 + xbox )

Hi Guys, I’m back again with a new custom advance settings for season 5 apex legends, hopefully this video will help you perfect your overall sensitivity settings and get that aim more accurate next time you in a gun fight. These settings are for ps4 and xbox which i have been loving, I’ve taken little tips and trick from some of the best apex youtubers out here and mashed up a little bit of aimbot or more of a aim assist setting with more handle on your recoil. I tried to make this…


  1. The only thing I changed is the yaw and the pitch speed bc I’m not a person that moves fast. I like the others their good now I’m gold thanks

  2. I can't fw these settings, I can on the ps3 but not with these big ass controls

  3. Honest review. Yoo much yaw speed and ads yaw speed. Worst settings. No offense just an honest review

  4. Bro wtf this is insane.. i left the game for 3 months and when i came back to it i was suffering with my aim, but after this vid it totally changed like a god now thank you so so so much man. Big love

  5. If you turn off the advanced setting mode, does the advanced settings still work in the game?

  6. Thank you so much! My aim sucks a lot in controllers. Your settings helped a lot! Btw I have a question, do you use normal or claw grip for the binds you have shown?

  7. Took an hour or two to get used to but got dang my aim improved by a bunch these settings are crazy thanks dude

  8. It feels pretty weird adjusting too but I see the potential I shred people alot more and my movements are also alot cleaner also my ads up close is phenomal with the settings

  9. This settings works man and i subbed and liked PS: put aimbot on the tittle cause these are like aimbot dude 🙂

  10. Settings are insane keep up the good work! 🙂 Honestly. Good aim. Also it will take time to get used to , don’t think your crap with the aim, u gotta get used to it.

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