Best Xbox Fortnite Controller Settings | Xbox One X Battle Royale

Benny guides us through his settings on how to maximise your chances of getting that all important battle Royale on your Xbox One X

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  1. I wish Xbox let you play Fortnite for free like every other platform such as PlayStation,PC, and Nintendo. It makes me want to switch to another console that is more consumer first rather than making you pay for a service just to play FREE to play games online …..

  2. Hey Xbox On can you request Xbox to launch Fortnite Battle Royale in India because it's not available on my Xbox one in my region (India)

  3. Did they just put ghoul trooper in the thumbnail for views? Definitely not here to brag about having the skin as I have no life… definitely not.

  4. When you double your building sens you have to put it on 2. It is a multiplier of your normal sens. So having 0.42 for normal sens and 0.84 for build sens makes your building sens slower then your normal.

  5. I use 10 sensitivity for aiming and i use 160 sensitivity for Building, trust me guys if u use my sensitivity settings u will be really good at the game, but u have to get use to it so i recommend u to practice on playground for getting better!

  6. My favorite controller settings for Fortnite are
    My controller off and Fortnite uninstalled from my Xbox

  7. I know it's a lot to ask but I would love to friend you on Xbox

  8. When forrnite is gonna be free on Xbox every other platform let u play without gold membership

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