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  1. I wish I could be in one of your sessions, your one of the nicest most calmest streamers, and your so Kool, I love your content king.. 💪🏼

  2. My baby sister is dumb big on my back that hurts so badly in the in the kid that age that’s eight talking to the mother duck and a swan money and I did all that stuff that W read the comments come down below on that dude‘s video thumbs up if you do you will die if you don’t🖕🏾

  3. hey if u could go ahead and stop giving away modded Xbox's to these small ego, dickless kids that'd be great thx… tired of driving around listening to music only to get de-ranked and stripped of everything except my guns. pass this on to every1 giving away modded shit. put the winner through a test. if he gets upset that ur busting his balls he's not fit for the xbox.

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  5. All of you are meanies,bullies and hackers stop or else when I'm older I'll hack the hackers call the police on them and tell the owner of the game

  6. My Xbox one name is Mathias13705 add me give me money drop I have mic

  7. BTW You can get baseball in GTA V by getting chop and taking him for a walk and the ball should be in grenades part

  8. On your YouTube user name put in faze at the beginning then you'll get at least 1 million subscribers

  9. Which video is with the little black kid getting money drops and the lady yelling at him saying"your parents r dumb*ss for letting you play and he keeps saying you want some money drops😂

  10. Okay I think I get it now every time you ask a kid if he's a modder their excuse is "if I was a modder I'd give everyone a money drop" either your trolling the same kid or more likely these kids are subliminally asking for a money drop lmao

  11. These hackers that fly around the map, head-shotting people with aimbots, freezing you in place, spawning cars over your head, etc. — well that's like Neo in the Matrix isn't it?

  12. I HATE when people don't know the difference between a hacker and a modder. A hacker steals information and uses/sells it. A modder changes a games code and uses it to his/her advantage. There are a LOT less hackers in games than there are modders.

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