Blatant radar cheat pubg xbox one


  1. his gamertag is Andaar JL now, he joined a squad full of cheating jerks EFFECT, Borriier, Heemx…

  2. How do U get any cheats on a consoles? That’s the reason I left PC and went to consoles

  3. Pubg is full of these shit bags now. Have played it since day one on Xbox and have watched people effortlessly go through matches killing everyone. Look at their stats and see that they have like a 95% win rate lol. Pubg does not give a shit about cheating what so ever. From what I’m hearing now, these scum bags get banned and instantly come right back every time. It’s ruined the game

  4. This idiot was kicked from TSG ages ago for using Radar, seen some bad videos of this guy

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