BO2 GSC Fortnite Gamemode Release Video

Download version: V1.5.0 Public Beta [Still expect bugs]

Source can be found here:

Here ya go, the gamemode that everyone has requested I release. This is a pre-release version, in other words, its not 100% done but it has most of what you would expect and it works for the most part.

Regarding the password: All mods I release require you to read a terms of…


  1. dude i got it to work but when it tells us to jump off the bus or whatever it just keeps us on the ground and when i hold X to jump it takes me straight through the floor kills me and ends the game pls do a tut on how to install everything correctly

  2. you plan on adding a loot option when you kill a player? Lol btw my subscribers love the gamemode cant wait for full release.

  3. Can you release source? I just wanna mess with the GSC. I don't wanna redistribute.

  4. Notice: Check the download daily for any updates to the gamemode. This gamemode remains in development. An official Release is coming soon, as of V1.4.0, Most major features are in with most game breaking bugs patched.

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