Bogdan 2.0 Glitch Post Update (Gruppe Sechs Hard) – GTA Online – The Diamond Casino Heist

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Now listen to me Morty. I know that new situations can be intimidating. You’re looking around and it’s all scary and different. But trust me Morty, this back to back finale thing works like 99% of the time. It’s worked since 2014 and I’m pretty damn sure it will continue to work. It a simple matter of timing. I know some of you will lose your heists and be over here like “THE FUCK. This is patched or not working.” But you…


  1. If you want some fire Wu-Tang, Some V-Rock, or if YOU HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS FOR SOME REASON, check the links below.


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    Gold Glitch 2.0 Explained –

    Back to Back Heist Finale (Bogdan 2.0) Glitch Explained –

    PS4 Method – This glitch works if your friend hovers over "connect to the internet" button in settings, and right when the cut scene begins of you handing the bags to the buyers, not when the green screen flashes, but as soon as you see the cutscene happen, tell your friend to disconnect from the internet and then your friend also closes gta v about 5 seconds after. Hope this helps, it worked for me👍

    PC Method – close the application with alt f4 task manager, etc or disconnect the internet, with airplane mode, pulling the ethernet cord out or do what i do use your phones charger plug your phone in and turn hotspot tethering on so you can just pull the wire out from either side according to people in the comments

    I'll make a playlist with all the essential Heist info on my page soon so you don't have to search through every uploads. Can't believe I'm already past 9K Subs!! You guys are fuckin awesome and I sincerely appreciate every single one of you. Please consider subscribing if you haven't already! Would love to hit 10K! Thanks!!

  2. Anyone wanna do heist replay I have gold and we going gruppe sechs and if you doing have heist replay gold than gimme 2 bogan since you’ll be making at least 1.7 mil

  3. how do you 'go offline'? I'm on pc btw.
    Does just disconnecting from the wifi work? Or is there a specific way to go offline?

  4. Should the person who is host have all there preps completed after they closed the application

  5. Im broke asf in gta I need to find someone to do this with 🙁

  6. i just did it with my friend and once it was done it still gave me the money and now i got to do the setups again. is the glitch patched already?

  7. I've done this a thousand times but will i get ban or will they take my money????

  8. If you have the big con gold set up and ready and want to grind back to back 85%/15% message me on Xbox one MvStud must be willing to prove you are legit

  9. Wait so if you get more than 2.8 which is the max you can get like 3.6 and then end up with 2.3?

  10. Did elite challenge in 12 minutes groupe sech gold hard 3.6 million

  11. So, does the host get any money from this? If not, how is this profitable for the one hosting? Why volunteer for it?

  12. you dont need to shoot out the window just shoot one bullet and your all good

  13. i got 6.1 mil with gold glitch because my buddy modded into the vault. Yes I broke a world record. Yes it still counts

  14. Hey @flipperachi212 so I have a question for ya, so I just did the heist and the glitch and it worked, but when I finished, the cut didn’t divide as the same money as I got from the vault, like I got $3.9mil and my cut was %40, I only got $1mil that’s it, wasn’t I supposed to get more than that?

  15. Easier way to do this on Xbox
    As host, pull up your phone in GTA. Then, press the Xbox home button to pull up the dashboard on the side of your screen. Then go to GTA V and press the pause button and hover over quit. Once you get to the drop off zone and see your phone drop, press quit on GTA V. This has worked every single time for my friend and I and requires a lot less coordination with your teammate.

  16. Just tried to do this, and thanks for the vids btw. They are awesome! One problem though:
    Me and my friend didnt get the 5 gold spot spawn and tried to die 6 times for it to change, and we never got the spawn with 3 in the middle. We got the same spawn with 2 in the middle and the rest needed hacking.. :/

  17. The Gold glitch still works and I’ve done this heist 4 times a better way to do is let your friend drive when you are by the destination hover over close application as soon as you see the take go away (bottom right corner) close application then load back into story mode then once you loaded on load into online while you load into story mode ask your friend if he can see your character if he doesn’t see your character that means you are doing it right and then when you are in arcade and you should have the heist again (PS4)

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