BUGS vs HACKERS vs OUTPLAYS – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #144

Apex Legends Funny Moments Montage: BUGS vs HACKERS vs OUTPLAYS – NEW Apex Legends Funny & Epic Moments #144
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We Hope You Enjoy This Apex Legends Moments Video, Featuring the Best Apex Legends Funny Moments, Apex Legends Epic Moments, Apex Legends WTF Moments, Apex Legends Highlights, Apex Legends Fails, Apex Legends Glitches, Apex Legends Trolls, and…


  1. Hey Jcords my name is serenity custer i , m a huge fan of yours i like your video s think of the coolest vides i love you in apex legends bugs hacker outplay emoji thank you love

  2. I mean if by beautiful clutch you mean that lifeline was looting a box right beside her down teammate. Then yea ok I guess it was beautiful

  3. I was watching this between games. Paused at about 3:30, and had some weird supply bin glitch where I landed. Get to 3:47 after my squad died, and there is a clip with the same glitch! Coincidence? I think not.

  4. I hate how many times I’m asked to like a subscribe. I do kinda like the video but once is enough

  5. 8:38 Honestly, that's not an outplay. That's just easy lobbies. Those players were so bad. You get nothing like that in ranked or anything.

  6. I once heard an octane say It’s better with a Skull-piercer attachment.

    But it doesn’t exist anymore…

  7. 10:00.ITS not a outplay,its taking advantage of a overpowered golden sheild through which u can heal 100hp in 2 seconds,needs a nerf

  8. In all the games i've played ever, the server has never given an error ever.

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