Bus Driver in GTA 5

Bus Driver Mission GTA 5, I was on my way trying to complete GTA 5 single player and i got caught up with this mission. This mission was really fun but it was not that long.


  1. You can sort of make Franklin a bus driver with this mission. Keep replaying it and stop and quit where you need to do the non-bus driver stuff.

  2. it is all right unless you stop playing I love you and I will never ever stop watching even if you do not do a video in a day and I am only6 I love u

  3. Why are you playing grand theft auto and heck up
    And how much money do you have

  4. Oh I remember this…it's a mission for Franklin as he helps Travor's friend kill people on the stock market, I loved that mission and I was late due to traffic, I hope GTA do a bus driving simular to Vice city that would be awesome I don't know why they stopped it

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