Can ANYONE Else Do This With THE R99? (Apex Legends)

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  1. Who else can do this with the r99
    Proceeds to show completely normal r99 gameplay but shows extraordinary r301 gameplay
    'Kay chief

  2. U so good I don't know whether I should love or hate u

  3. I once got respawned because I jumped off the map then I jumped off the map a second time in the same game😬

  4. Litteraly wouldnt be playing as good as i do if it werent for you

  5. Hey Koala, can you make a aim tips video with 2x R99. Thanks!

  6. he has the potential of being the single most toxic and sweatiest player on console

  7. Yes I can do all that with the R9, because koala is my senpai, go watch is training with the R9. You won’t regret it😉.

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