Can You Beat the *INSANE* Rainbow Dropper 2.0 In Fortnite!?

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  1. Bro imagine actually thinking that droppers were originally in fortnite and not minecraft like how fucking retarded can people be

  2. Muselk: I'm going to come to my house and slap you in the face.
    I'm like: woah fresh is breaking and entering

  3. 2020 btw- Muselk likes to repeat himself. I repeat. Muselk likes to repeat himself.

  4. Under the launch pad on level 9 it said "dolfindom never beat level 9 and his body Lies here"

  5. on 7 just go thru 1 of em and fall straight down holy they blind

  6. I put the volume on 20% but Muselk's voice can still be heard throughout the house. LOL

  7. On level five I save the dropper and literally was like damn that looks like KFC and then like 30 seconds later muselk was like this looks like KFC.

  8. anyone else see the text under the launchpad on level 9

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