Can You SPECTATE a BOT in PUBG Mobile? | Myth Testing Spectate Opponent with DerekG + EPIC Pro Noob!

Can you use Spectate Opponent on a Bot in PUBG Mobile? Ever since the introduction of this cool new feature I’ve been curious, so today I decided to try it out. First I show how it works when you are killed by a human, and then I decide to try it on a bot. Probably my most embarrassing death in the game so far, but you do what you have to do as a content creator 😛

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  1. Just stay safe everyone.
    We will defeat coronavirus.
    I am just spreading positivity

  2. When pubg first came out on mobile i won the first match i ever played i felt so cool until i learned that the lobby was mostly bots at lower levels

  3. Ik this isnt related (kinda) but on miramar i dropped on hacienda del patron or something and i dropped on the roof on accident and some bot dropped on the roof with a UMP without looting so bots exist

  4. I didn't know there was a peak, ig I'm a noon but I still win nearly every solo match and I run out in the open and everything 😂

    Wanna play me- kirito72k

  5. I guess I'm a pro noob.. I play just like that.. no fancy jumping, no changing guns all the time, no running while looting, no drama.. I don't win always but easily get to last 10 most of the time..

  6. Am I the only one who got triggered when he didn't pick up the Kar98k when he landed and had an empty weapon slot?

  7. Indoors or outdoor close combat the shotguns pump or double barrel are one shot kill heavy artillery seriously they are great gun's highly reccomended

  8. So this means that my 20 kill game is actually more like 10 kills………

  9. Do one thing play as a guest account….. In your first match ull have 100 percent bots

  10. 6:12 that kill was counted as two kills 🤔🤔 the system is helping him

  11. What happens when the person dies to the zone? Never mind, same thing happens

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