Can't Edit Fast? THIS IS WHY! (Edit Rules) Fortnite Battle Royale


Settings in this video:
Elite Controller
Normal Grip (Not Claw)
No Kontrolfreak
9 x 7 y .30 ads .30 scope 1.15 Building
Builder Pro
Turbo build on
instant build on
My Personal Key Binds:

Intro by ELZIE:

Outro Song:
“Streetlight People” (feat. Harley Bird) [NCS Release]


  1. Can we get my Twitter to 1000 followers?! (link at top description)

    Don’t sleep on these tips 😴

  2. When you thought he was a PC player but noticed he was a controller player
    👁 👄 👁

  3. Chapter 2 season 3 and I still can’t build or edit like this no matter how much I play or practice.

  4. i have a new keyboard and i cant edit as accurate as i could on the old one

  5. I can't believe how much of an idiot I was. When you said "Don't hold the edit button, whilst you are editing" sure enough I had my thumb still on the edit button like a moron. Thank you!

  6. Can someone help me when I edit a wall but I have a floor build out it doesn’t edit I have to change to the wall build the edit my wall this slows me down soo mich

  7. Im new to the game and cant decide between linear and expo. With linear I have REALLY good shotgun aim. With expo I have good ar aim

  8. You helped me and I’m all the way in chapter 2 😂

  9. Can you pls add me on Xbox my account is TALIx419xBAN and my fortnite is TALIx419xBAN

  10. Damn this guy was better in 2018 than I am at building now, and I'm on keyboard and mouse. Maybe I should quit.

  11. When I finish editing the gun or pickaxe ⛏ has to come out before I can edit again how do I fix it (I’m on console)

  12. THE WAY OF DOING THIS SH@@ is because of your ping , I play with 178 F* Ping Like do you think I can Edit fast?

  13. My edits aren’t so accurate every time i finish my edit when I confirm it doesn’t edit just stays like how it was

  14. If you can’t afford a paddle controller you have more important things to worry about than being good at Fortnite 😂

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