Care About The Lore In Apex Legends? Then Watch This – Titanfall 2 Playthrough Gaming Merchant Ep 1

Care About The Lore In Apex Legends? Then Watch This – Gaming Merchant Titanfall 2 Playthrough Ep 1

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  1. thanks for all the support! I really appreciate you all watching! I'll turn up the in-game sound and turn on subtitles for the next episode this weekend 😀

  2. Wait. Why is it weird bunny hopping with spacebar? Do you use a different key to jump in Apex?

  3. I was watching this and i started remembering my playthrough on master

  4. What if BT's mainframe is in pathfinder right now???
    Also i'd love to see Cooper or Lastimosa as an legend in apex

  5. It’s a pretty popular theory that barker, a character that appears in both Titanfall 1 and 2, is actually mirages father. Barker started out as an imc officer and eventually defected to the militia early on. He was from angel city and developed a bit of a drinking problem. When you consider mirage’s early job as a bartender and his brothers joining the imc, it starts to add up

  6. i didn't believe it when i saw the title. a guy doing a walkthrough of titanfall 2 in 2020

  7. actually the IMC are a collection of corporations founded by Hammond robotics
    now hammond robotics didnt really do well until they found out how to travel into slipspace
    now in the companies rush for richs they sent people to the frontier a collection of life bearing planets close together to colonise and extract resources from
    but earth at the time was in a crisis so the IMC pulled out of the frontier to save money
    but alot of people got left behind
    it was years before the IMC returned the the frontier
    and while they were gone the people left behind flourished
    so when the IMC relized what happened
    they tried to take everything from everything because they saw it all as theirs as they discovered the frontier and sent people there

    which is why the war started

    also if you want some really got explanations on Titanfall lore you should watch the flying tea cup

  8. In my opinion bunny hopping isn't a good idea also never no-scope ever with AR's the inaccuracy is way to big if you don't scope in and finally trust me melee it is a one shot kill to almost everything

  9. Lately I've been seeing too many Titan 2 videos uploaded in the past week, my gut feeling that next year will see a new titan in light of all the hype there is from Apex, in short something brewing him there in the studio

  10. I promise you, buying titan fall 2 is just as much worth watching these small part videos for free

  11. quick tip: if you position yourself in a corner then you can look away from the corner and spam jump and you can climb any wall

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