Cheaters in Apex are Low-Lifes | Apex Legends (PS4)



  1. Here's what I don't get. I'm a solo player, I can tell you right off that bat he pinged one side of the map and dropped on the other side to tell you to leave him alone. Why don't people understand that? Why would you run all the way across the map? And then you got all upset about it. I see this constantly. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

  2. These people probably don’t care that you’re watching because they’re making this account to sell. They get the badges and then sell it to other people who aren’t good at the game either. Pathetic

  3. GameCrook is the only legit way to get gems, coins, points or any other in-game currency for free. I've tried all others, but no luck.

  4. This just happened to me on kings canyon in trios. I was caustic, my teammates were bloodhound and wraith. The wraith goes off and lands somewhere across the map. Mind you, she has a predator badge so im thinking okay well shes gunna solo kill the whole lobby since shes a pred. Nope, she ends up teaming with a separate team and farms damages and kills. So i go off and go near her and when i finally get there they run off thinking im not going to kill them but i end up chasing them and i try to do my best to kill that other team that she was teaming with. Long story short i dont understand either why people feel the need to waste their time to do this. Of course, in their terms they are not wasting “time” they are making use of it by cheating. SMH!!!

  5. It’s so pathetic. Hope it was worth the eventual ban that they hopefully get! We got DDOSed in a ranked match a few weeks ago on PS4 and turns out they were also teaming.

  6. It's gotta be kids man. I couldn't see any adult spending their time doing that. At least I hope not

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