Cheating Epidemic Pubg Mobile

Cheating Epidemic Pubg Mobile. I’m done playing FPP. The Q is riddled with these guys. NA is full of cross server matched squads getting carried by these burner cheat accounts that get banned and roll again. Cheating Epidemic Pubg Mobile is absolutely out of control right now.

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  1. Pubg mobile is trashed now, so many clan sell and trade cheats for their members to carry each other. Looks like high payers also get a free pass from the ban hammer. These guys also buy monthly subscriptions and can never ever get ban.

  2. If you hack your a bad player lazy and dont have faith that you will self improve

  3. I think you're being matched with other server players (yes tencent had this for about 9 months) due to low number of players in FPP.

  4. Now listen to this I was 20kills in a game (Ace) I had a AWM and a AUG good set up I was playing solo squads I got to the top 3 it was me one other guy and the hacker the hacker had a Kar98 with a 4X scope you might be like oh that’s ok but No! The zone was at least 300m larg or more I had a lvl 3 helmet so it takes 2 shots to kill me with a kar to the head when I saw him I tried to snipe him with the awm I wasn’t trying to headshot him because it was far just going for body shots I had a 6X scope when I shot him once he turned around headshoted me I go prone behind a tree to heal with the med kit to full health I go out to shoot him again but he didn’t die I was like what because he was running all the time not healing then I get headshoted with his kar bit I don’t die I jump thinking it was a lucky shot from him but NO I get headshoted a second time mid jump from 300m+ with a Kar with a scope 4X now tell me that’s not cheating he shit me 3 times all where headshots and he was doing the same thing as this hacker doing that left peak thing and he killed the last guy with a headshot too but how many skins he had on the account and his kar had the season 3 gold skin I couldn’t see his kid because it was hidden same as his games 😕

  5. Hi, im ok with the channel owner, i just made a Facebook group against cheaters, but let tell some cause im cybersecurity consultant holding 5 of the top cybersecurity certifications.1)PUBGM is not secure coding. 2) PUBGM relay on many players reports to detect cheaters. 3)New cheating codes are not banned. Here's some tips for PUBGM:

    blacklist the hardware ID of all the team (network device card/cpu ID/motherboard ID/gpu ID/routers mac adresses)
    lawsuit to websites and youtube channels selling cheating codes

    this advices is given by a CISM CISA CISSP CRISC and usually the bill to pay to have those advices is at least 50 000$

    facebook group : ANTI CHEATERS PUBG

  6. I throught i was just me.. notice the same time ago.. i love play fpp cuz tpp viewing angle is also cheating… not real world..

  7. It would be cool if they would take the approach Fortnite took, and that is to go after people who make the hacks, take 'em to court or something….

  8. Fuck cheaters…small dick guys…lol they kill a good game,i don't even want to play cause fucking cheaters,i can't understand that and that s not just kids…lot of cheaters went to a certain location…u know what i mean…pubg mobile gave us a new anti cheat lol those morons.Fucking cheater disgust me from pubg pfff

  9. other games has good anti cheat security like Nexon their apps can identify if there is a malicious application and installed in your phone and the game will not launch not until you uninstall that malicious app

  10. Give me the powers to ban and I promise a wave of terror for everyone!

  11. Pubg needs to get your electronic devices IMEI code and link it to their account, and every time you get an account banned, a tally of strikes builds against it and they have to ban you for longer and longer periods each time youre caught, regardless of whether you've paid money for the game.

  12. I got ran over in three consecutive matches (Username:alphabossss) and i swear i was no where to be seen by any player. I watched one squad drive from almost across the map to hit me while proned the entire time. Note,even in smoke!!

  13. I got an invite to pubg beta for season 13 a month ago and this one hacker was so fast at moving he went from sahemee ( sanhok ) to ha tinh in 10 seconds

  14. Bushka.. You might be interrested in this.. I have been loving your content for about a year now, and still am.. but I stopped in between, and I want to tell you this story of "why". Enjoying pubg mobile, I thought I should create some pubg friends.. and so I joined a social media group of pubg players. I soon noticed there was 1 or 2 hackers in that group.. so I said clearly whoever hacks, please dont play with me or ill report you, but they endorsed me and said we will stop hacking.. and I wanted to leave that group, but thought maybe stay foe a while to kinda visualize the actual size of that pubg catastrophe.. and I soon noticed that every almost new member of that group is a hacker or in shearch of hackers to carry him along, and I soon realized that nonr of the previous members stopped hacking, and by the time they were all over my pubg account friends list. Its a WHOLE NETWORK AND ALL OF THEM ARE ADDICTED TO IT.. and unknowingly playing with them, I found that opponents are as well full of hackers! Thats when I thought pubg became crap, and I uninstalled it and stopped playing, and thats when I stopped watching your content for sometime. But here is the interesting part.. I missed pubg.. so I reinstalled it, got into my account and deleted all those hackers in my friends list, started playing.. and BOOM.. no hackers until now (between opponents I mean)! I do not understand why I faced hacking opponents while there were hackers in my friends list, but then NO HACKERS when I cleaned up my list??? I would love to find an explanation for this.. still loving your content man👏👏

  15. i knocked out Mr Mustafa while he was Afk in Sanhok with a uzi. Funny think he was in a full ghille guit and just laying on the group behind a rock near pai nan. Now I know why he was afk, prolly turing on his hacks.

  16. I started playing this game only a couple of seasons ago and i was overwhelmed by the number of hackers i was coming across in the game at first i though they werent getting banned but then finding about the number of daily active accounts i realised tencent are really on an impossible mission. When u get killed by the hackers and switch ur speaker to all and if theyre speaking theyre usually all over the age of 25 and its so sad like when we were kids we used to find cheating on gta san adreas amusing but would eventually get bored of it but these guys literally enjoy hacking on a competitive online game on daily basis it doesnt make me mad anymore i just feel sad old men find hacking fun.

  17. no grass pretty much dont get you banned.. like you just got 10 minutes. why? and why dont they get rid of all cheat already ffs

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