CHEATING in *NEW* PROP HUNT Fortnite Battle Royale Game Mode! *FUNNY* (Fortnite Creative Mode)

The New PROP HUNT Game Mode came out in Fortnite Creative Mode and I found a way to Cheat / Hack this map!

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Map – 5320-0255-8257
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  1. PROP HUNT IS FINALLY HERE! Drop a LIKE for more prop hunt videos 😀

  2. we need more prop hunt from you, it is entertaining because you are never in the same spot

  3. Who made that map? Its, its, INCREDIBLY

    I thought no one used roof pieces for road…
    No hate, I just think the map could have been a bit better

  4. Kenworth do the ultimate traprun by: IlovefoodXD. Code: 6884-7008-9913

  5. Hi kenwoth First i love you videos and me and my friend has maked a Map its on to Maps and there is dropper traptunnel slide and impulse level in the map

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