Collect Coins in Featured Creative Islands – Fortnite Overtime Challenges

Collect 20 Coins in Featured Creative Islands in Fortnite.
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  1. Mine keeps saying “Set Island Code” even after I put in codes wth?

  2. I cheated, I couldn't even pass the first obstacle so I just reloaded and got the first free coing over again >_< The first load is slow but after that it's quick

  3. I do get all the coins from the level because iam a fool 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. The one that dont know you can take the the first two coins and restart the game and then do the same thing again

  5. Can you like make yourself a world and put 20 coins in it, then start the game?

  6. What a fucking garbage creative map honestly

  7. I know why this is not working for some people. Don’t press the interact button on the rift and put in the creative code. You don’t need a code for the featured maps. Just run through the rift lol.

  8. Community fix your game

    Did someone say let all the nine year olds vote for drum gun instead of balanced guns

  9. I’m confused I’ve done about 3 maps and I’ve gotten about 30 or so coins and not a single one of them counted, am I doing something wrong?

  10. there's a bug with this challenge, I went to a game, collected 6 coins, and left. it still said I had 0

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