Confirmed Legendary Skins 'Fight Night' Collection Event Apex Legends + New Ban Wave

Confirmed Legendary Skins ‘Fight Night’ Collection Event Apex Legends + New Ban Wave
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  1. great another terrible loba legendary. we beg for months for her to get at least one and now that we get two they’re so poorly done no one wants to buy it :/

  2. The new blowgun anatomically rub because lamb similarly provide beside a stormy jewel. heavenly heavy hellish, unusual advantage

  3. Fuck boosters man. I've had so many sweaty mother fuckers today. I solo queued the past 2 days from bronze 4 to gold 4 and every tier and there would be 3 or 4 teams with 20 kill and 4ks every fucking match.

  4. Wait are they putting hounds heirloom in the event? Not a new one? Please tell me I’m wrong

  5. Legendary event skins should at least have like challenges like Holo-Day Bash re-colored skins like make a battle pass but for the event including the legendary skins because it's like unfair to only acquire legendary event skins with real money

  6. Ok can we just say all the Loba mains out there did y’all look at the thumbnail for this video and got excited just because of the hair. Lol

  7. can someone explain boosting in this sense in apex legends?? I don't really know how you would still be boosting since they introduced the max 1-rank difference barrier for ranked.

  8. Omfg r u kidding me "it isn't the best looking skin (for loba)" the fuck respawn you trying to push me out the door tf

  9. I can't stand splits. I rank till Plat, and then stop playing because it's so sweaty, and I hate the "camping". Now, I am basically playing in Plat lobbies, but with Silver badges, and anyone who is bronze and ranks to silver has to deal with insta melting if they don't camp as well.

  10. The best Bangalore skin yet…shouldn't be to hard considering she has the worst skins after lifeline

  11. Ok two thing one loba looks great with that heir and second hope their is a another octane legendary skin in the event.
    👇 if you want it too

  12. They need to fix rank I can't even get passed gold 4 because I keep dying to diamond rankd

  13. WATER. In the future could u please blurr out at least half of peoples names. Elusive has been getting friend requests all night because of it. Also people stop adding her. Shes not gonna add u back

  14. I feel like I'm the only one, that finds the legendary Loba skins gorgeous.

  15. will the event as earlier be open a certain amount of the event boxes to get an heirloom?

  16. Finally great news.. love to see people crying after boosting their useless friends who are bronze, but somehow you soloQ with them in master and they are worse than someone playing with 1 hand.

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