Console Players Are QUITTING Because Of This… (Console Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

In this video today we’re gonna be taking a look at 2 topics that continues to be very controversial in the fortnite community, cross-platform and skill-based matchmaking. The last time I made a video about this subject was back with these features were both initally announced, which I believe was the end of september maybe begininng of october so it’s been a solid 4 months or so. And I don’t know if you guys remember, but back then people were very concerned about both cross-platform and…


  1. Epic is way out of line for doing this
    I was day 1
    Before seasons were even consider

    Fortnite is terrible compared to how it was then
    It’s lost it soul
    And each day passes
    It becomes more and more absurd

  2. Glad to see someone caring about us console players. Normally play squads with friends and our lobbies are like arena mode and with lots of PC players. No hate for them but its not fair for us. Lag issues, input delay etc etc. Been playing since day one but if they don't fix this and let PS4 vs xbox i think thats it for me. And that makes me sad. This game used to be fun. Only play public games with friends and there comes comes a team with 3 PC players with they keyboard ids ( just to make sure we know they are on PC) and Epic doesn't do anything. I have been killed most of times and my entire Squad by PC players. They erase our lobbies. I saw one guy with 18 Kills cleaning the last two teams. Checked him out and of course. PC. They build faster. Edit and shoot first too. I really hope they do something about this. And i think most console lobbies are filled with PC its because console players are jumping for PC with controller or just simply quit the game. If Im not a sweat, pro player, arena player, why do i need to have so many PC players and last circle with 23 alive?
    Love your videos. Hope you can help us console players by trying to reach out for us. Cause everytime i try their Facebook etc its only people begging for skins. I hope this isnt the end of fortnite. But it would be a lesson for them if console players would quit the game. Stay safe

  3. My only problem with facing pc players is that I can't keep up with their building and editing no matter how much I practice.

  4. Bro literally the most unfair thing. Pc kids who have so much better fps and can just build faster and do everything faster than console. I just played 3 games and got robbed because of kids with the advantage of mouse and key. The fact that epic hasn’t fixed this disgusts me and ruins the game

  5. Thats it im quitting fortnite im done being third partied,having a disadvantage,being called trash,not able to get better,and im done of being frustrated

  6. When i play solos with cross platform i always lose because i have good stats and run into a lot of pc players but when i play without cross platform on i still have great players but at least i can build, edit and react just like my opponent which gives me a higher chance of killing them.

  7. SBMM is literally aids played dous with a friend today for two hours nothing but sweaty ass pc nerds hitting nasty edit on us we just simply couldn’t keep up

  8. am i the only pc player frustrated by controller aim assist?
    ( before you say anything my aim sucks and so do my edits) but im still a sweat.(ok fine my edits dont suck)
    edit: my cousin is on ps4 and he always beats me in 1v1's

  9. Ik I’m kinda late but I just recently started playing fortnite again and at the start every lobby was just a bunch of bots and were easy wins but now it’s like every lobby is pc sweats

  10. epic just do this for us controller players plsss it's all we ask pls we need to be able to play the game or at least stand a chance

  11. cross play sucks I wanna play console vs console it's not fair for pc vs console epic is making me wanna quit fortnite I'm not blaming pc players I'm blaming epic for forcing me to play against pc players

  12. I only run into complete sweats like all of the people I go to fight just….completely sweat out the game and I’m actually sick of it , I just want to play for fun and not get sweated in every time I go to fight someone 😑😑

  13. i have 900 wins on my ps4 slim and 60hz rca tv…and get put in pc lobbies with 0 pingers 240fps no shadow no life sweats

  14. My console buddies and I are so frustrated. We cant get wins at all. The only time I win is if I'm paired with a PC player in squads.

  15. This game is utter garbage anyway. Sqeekers world full of unskilled noobs who think playing cartoons is skilled. Laughs for ever.

  16. I’m an above average console player but I can’t win any game because I always seem to come across average pc players which are the equivalent to an above average console player which sucks 😕

  17. I have been in top 100 on fortnite console played every day for at least like 12 hours i quited because this update im done fortnite raping me with every update the whole game changes they always make it so noobs that never plays can have chance to kill someone good that has been playing for over 1000 hours like robots or airplanes and the other insane dumb stuff its just dumb its not about getting good because u cant get better than a pc player i had 9 kd now my kd is like 2 i want to jump out of window waste all my time if u put in 12 hours a day u prbb still badder than a pc player that puts in like 1 hour a day and doesnt even practice its dumb as shit its just about being lucky as a console player these days the game is just full crap u just die 40% of some crap u cant even do anything about… 80% if u re a console player

  18. I understand I’m kinda late to the video but I got a story about this whole debate from my point of view, back before cross console and skill based matchmaking me and my friends would always play squads together, why? Because it was a fun way to mess around and have fun, but ever since skill based matchmaking me and another one of my friends have stopped playing the game. It feels like there’s no way to come home from a long day and just sit down and chill with the boys we always have to sweat to compete. Both me and him have played since it came out on console all the way back in season one but the game became so competitive I feel like I can’t enjoy lobbies without trying hard and then raging from getting destroyed by some kid who grinds the game 24/7. I get that without skill based matchmaking there would still be good players but I feel like me and him would be able to come back to the game if it wasn’t there. And maybe our group could get back to chilling on late nights and playing pubs. I don’t have time to grind this game to get better to play again but I also want to play and the place for a sweaty lobby should be arena and tourneys. As for cross console I switched to pc earlier but whenever I go back on console I see why people complain. It’s bad, especially compared to pc. Thanks for reading 😁

  19. Seriously hate forced crossplay lol i love my pc homies but I like to fucking chill n play not be all mlg pro series pro player hit millis view on twitch mixier pro slayer. Like bruh chill i just wanna play some fort with some homies like the good ol days. I still play fort till this day and it has not gotten better. Yea ive gotten better but im forced to play at such a pro level like nah man can i just play on rng rules

  20. It literally makes no sense. They have always tried to decrease the skill gap then they do this

  21. This is absolute BS, I don’t feel like playing a game where spending thousands of dollars of equipments is the difference whether you win or lose, honestly epic is trying to get players to just by pcs so they download their shitty epic games launcher

  22. I play on pc I have 1000 wins and I feel it is unfair for console players to be in the same lobby. I hope it gets changed

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