Crazy Custom Vehicles (Skywriting, Cow Car and Clown Car) – GTA 5 PC Mods

So I decided i would mess around and make some more weird and stange custom vehicles.

I used over 60 planes to form a giant F U in the sky, I had Trevor Phillips in a cowboy hat riding two cows and i atttached 10 clowns to a gocart and went down Mount Chiliad.

I might make a how to make custom vehicles video in a few days to show you guys how to do this if your interested!

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  1. Did you do this in normal GTA or FiveM or something?

  2. Meme god plays gta 5
    Me: my phone is about to break beacuse of madnes
    Mom:lets move out beacuse i dont want to by him a new phone

  3. 3 hours is a real bloody long time? oh Lannan. If only you knew….

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