Destroying the whole server as Bangalore – APEX LEGENDS PS4

#apex #apexlegends

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  1. Watching this makes me realise why I am so bad at this game, your reactions, anticipation, map knowledge and of course aim are way ahead of my own.

  2. Watching your vids has helped drop 10 kills pretty much most games thanks man

  3. For those who are mad for him dropping the PK for the prowler; Prowler and R99 are the meta loadout for Season 4. Season 3 was G7 and R99.

  4. Please never go to pc lmao. If I see your name in a lobby I’m quitting the game. My pleb self can’t compete lol

  5. Bro I love your vids cause you always play solo. I usually play solo so I feel like I could learn the most from your vids vs. Sombody who always plays with a stacked squad.

  6. I just choked a 20 bomb the other night with bangalore had 19 but watching your vids makes my day 🙂

  7. bro imma bang main and finally just got my 3k badge, u should like get me the 4k bro i suck xD. ur a god my dude <3

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