Diamond Casino Heist HACKING CHEAT SHEET in GTA 5 Online! (How to Hack in 5 Seconds)

▶In today’s GTA Online video, I show you guys the Diamond Casino Heist HACKING CHEAT SHEET in GTA 5 Online! This shows How to Hack in About 5 seconds depending on how fast you remember!

The 2 Casino Heist Fingerprint Hacking Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheet made by

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  1. Can everyone stop commenting how fast they cn hack really it's just annoying

  2. Thanks god you are on this earth to save me 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Even tho i watched this video it still didint help me i cant do the fingerprint hack can someone pls help me i tried so many times i only did 1 correct the rest fails the pictures you showed didint help cuz it was way to dark but pls can someone pls help me

  4. New subscriber here I just started to search for a way to learn the prints so that I contribute to hacking that way I can help open vaults especially when trying to make money 💰 💵 💷. Especially since I started grinding for my money 💰 💵 💷 legitimately no glitches at all. I currently made my first 1mill today legitimately. The feeling of grinding out my money an putting in the hours felt good. Thank you so much I downloaded the app from the link it will help

  5. Video is helpful but for straight to answer just go to the link in the bio of the video and save the images for later use

  6. Thanks so much bro I didn't know how to hack I am to bad🤣thanks again

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