Dizzy Dies And Spectates Hacker With 3300+ KILLS! – Apex Legends Moments

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Dizzy –
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  1. Anyone here used Gamecrook, I've got a bro that used it and got so many free gems, coins, gold or whatever.

  2. 3:36 When you have a hardtime climbing a little wall but you melt people from 300 meters with a spitfire 🤣

  3. Yeah once I saw that little seizure he had with the crouches, I knew he was toggling of the hacks.

  4. How is he cheating his aim is spot on like "YOURS", guess you guys both in the same club 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😋

  5. If dizzy and other players can lazer people from long distance and short distance, that doesn't mean someone else cant. Find proof and not to judge.

    No hard feelings tho

  6. This noobs hacking. So pros with cheats. No skill that's why Kappa

  7. They should do console crossplay and anyone who’s using a mouse in console should just get put with pc players

  8. soft hacker loses to ful spin WOW incredible imagine cheating vs cheater and loosing. DIZZY

  9. Looks like the type of cheater that calls anyone that has less kills than them a noob lmao

  10. He is not hackin only reason y’all sayin he hackin is because he doesn’t have a YouTube channel I see shroud and dizzy melt people just like he is doing in this video plus he was missing a lot of shots too if I was a popular streamer y’all would say he just an maxing player but since he not he hackin

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