DLG PUBG instantly aim/scope


step 1: search [Ulong] 4575657222461362012

Step 2: change all to 4575657000461362012

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  1. Hey dude , this is the only way I found to speak to you. Can you help me get an PO car pls , I saw that you have all of them , I would really appreciate if you could help me, I'm missing 5 of them , just have the McLaren and the Porsche . You are my last hope to get this cars

  2. I love you man 😘 i still waiting you with another DLG code video !! Keep it up bro !! (Sorry for my English)

  3. What is the code for recoil. I have tried everything from the internet in dlg but still not working’ do you have any extra codes?

  4. CSI Iosgods Nice work need no recoil please do some work on that……and also wall hack please and can u tell us some repo for pubg hack and bro no recoil fast upload a video for recoil and thanks very nice work bro please leave reply on sbubrak@icloud.com and your contact email or something please leave a reply

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