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  1. i wouldnt recommend any service that isnt slotted if you dont wanna get banned

  2. One free cheat for fortnite is legit i use it myself the name is supra cheats

  3. Id like to add gatorcheats to the list i stupidly paid 300 for a fortnite hack and i never got the programme i paid for

  4. I wish more companies would make fake cheat websites that when u go to download your entire computer gets fried. Seriously why do you cheat? You know you destroy games like pubg and you ruin everyone elses fun.

  5. hm i bough there a pubg and dayz hack and never got an bluescreen.. but you are right with the dedection holy fuck… i bough first time pubg hack 1 year ago and had never a ban and yesterday i bough it for 1 day to look if it is still undedectet, they say it is but it wasnt i got banned after the 4 round…

  6. yo im looking for some good cheat providers for a wide variety of games. could you just like throw a few good cheat providers in a comment?

  7. If you're experiencing technical difficulties when using hacks and then complain, it's just dumb like your enemies are experiencing worse just hack knowing you're an A hole at least but like don't at all would be nice

  8. You remove the video because HC give you free subs , now when you got kicked again you add it back , so basically you can trust xanosche only when he doesn't get free cheats? hahaha this is funny, this guy is a joke.

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