[DOWNLOAD] GTA V Dragon Ball script mod by JulioNIB

Script mod inspired in DBZ


Goku ped models used in this video:



Become a Patreon for “Work In Progress” access:

PC specs on description of this…


  1. its a bit of a meh mod i wish it get's updated more with better sounds and better system to it i feel like it could be done justice to it the right way

  2. Man, tu nao consegue me mandar por torrent esse jogo? meu filho me deixou louco pra baixar pra ele, só que sou muito leigo pra instalar mods 🙁 até tentei acompanhar uns tutoriais!

  3. Man I wish this was the real game of DBZ GTA. A world of dragonball open world destruction with real life involved. Epic

  4. I downloaded the mod, but when I press the moves they don't work. I've pressed all the keys in my keyboard and nothing happens, though I have managed to download the Ped Of Goku and only the model works.

  5. Hi does anybody knows how to transform and change forms in this script?

  6. Alguém explica pq o canal americano colocou goku falando dublado em br…

  7. spirit bombs cant harm those pure of heart. that's why they work so well on cops.

  8. guys will it crash my game if i install and play this mod because i play gta continuously 6 hours and not want any crash during gameplay so guys plzz tell i also used Superman mod it worked like charm but in Spiderman mod my game crashed after 2 hour of gameplay so i removed that mod

  9. Aww man that’s awesome why don’t they just make a game like this with a good story and everything hhaa

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