[DOWNLOAD] GTA V – HULK script mod by JulioNIB

My HULK script mod for GTA V PC


Mod goes with a BabyD retexture mod by Rarefacer and with a WIP custom model by me.

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  1. @GTA X Scripting Can you add health regeneration (tweakable) and no blood FX when getting hit or shot like superman to the hulk mod? Because we can play as Doomsday using this, tho he has a thick hide which reflect bullets and he doesn't have blood, also health regeneration would be really cool option to have considering that when i even put on 65.000 HP those custom made vehicles that attack me completely destroy me and can't turn them off (and i hate godmod). I think this is simple for you but would be really cool to have, thanks.

  2. hi my issue is that after i spawn one hulk enemy the menu for the hulk script wont open again unless i restart the game
    How do i fix this?

  3. Hi.
    I want to use the Hulk script mode.
    What they need to accurately and
    Copy what the mod folder?

  4. i cant download the custom model.

    *** Abomination custom model WIP.zip ***

    Those mirrors point to a virus. my virusscanner l blocks me from entering the site.

  5. Hi, when i activate the hulk powers i get another hulk that is little and has a cap. how can i change dad

  6. I know iam talking so much but please please can you make Gloath nad kraken and werath script with ped model and ally enemy feather for GTA 4 and GTA 5 I know you are working so hard but there are anthor thing please can you turn the dragon mod from gta 5 to gta4 and thienk you

  7. you are playing hulk mod very good like true hulk i like you and your mods

  8. can you make flash mod with ally and enemy spawn mod please you are best moder

  9. Please Can you make added ped without replacing think you

  10. Hello !!! I want to know if it's possible to get ban for using a mod one of my friend got banned thanks !

    Also I think the GTA IV hulk mod have more attacks ect :p

  11. The GTA IV scipt and model was better :/ select a spot or a car or something and jump on it the rage system ect ect

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