DP-28 Tips & Tricks – Best Recoil in PUBG MOBILE? TheBushka

DP-28 Tips & Tricks – Best Recoil in PUBG MOBILE?

This guns recoil is legendary, it performs remarkable full auto rips at long distances and can easily sub in as a poor mans 762 Dmr…
So Why are there not more dp-28s on the battlefield?

Today we go into the psyche of the game and why ppl min max over versatility (hey me too!) and also look deep at the dp28’s numbers playstyle and problems!


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  1. Bushka: "Slow SHELL velocity, because its 7.62"
    He is stuck with World of Tank Blitz.

  2. Very interesting! I might start running this in slot 2. I did go on the range earlier and I was equally impressed with the recoil!

  3. I've been running dp28 and uzi 🙃 great load out. Dp28 spray snipes easy and the new uzi with silencer and extended clip is a sneaky beast.

  4. Dont think you’ll come 2nd best against a sniper… I’ve been using dp all the time long range and I’m conquerer 🤪

  5. I just feel that the 4 second reload makes it a subpar secondary weapon. Yes it makes a good secondary, but so does an SKS or SLR.

  6. M249 and m416 are faster and have less recoil and they are really good at range. While yes i sound like a fkn bandwagon they are just all around better. But mind you i will still use this gun bc i recognize how godly this gun is 4x and dp at like 100 meters spray and prey bruh. I just prefefer m4 or m249 over dp28 it's unpopular opinion ik but we all have our preferences

  7. Don’t really need to use it anymore bc I can control the recoil with m4 and 6x and m4 is more stable, dp has no recoil but the it was a very unstable

  8. No bushka ak does 49 damage m762 does 47 damage groza does 49 damage but do does 51 because it's a light machine gun but the trade off is the slow fire rate

  9. Man I remember when all I would do it run DP 28… But I noticed how much i needed it to win and obviously your not gonna get your first choice guns every game… and when I noticed that I noticed how bad I really was compared to everyone else at sniping…

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