DrDisRespect Dies and Spectates Hacker Stream Sniping Him in Apex Legends (3/14/2019)

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  1. When his card says 125 kills and 432 headshots you know by his callcard he is hacking… 3:1 or 4:1 ratio is pretty obvious.

  2. Why spectate him? These guys do this for attention and you guys are giving it to him. Just report him and move on.

  3. Doug's pretentious reaction to the cheaters gamertag was so cheesy haha

  4. that hacker truly didnt care about getting caught i mean its a free game right just make another account, why the game will fail if they dont change things. another thing is if you hack you have to be good at hiding it, maybe it becomes an art form because there are cheaters in all competition sports, games, and real life…. make it an art form lol (who knows who cheats)

  5. They're trying to avoid people camping in this game that's why the sniper game is weak. This game was meant to be more intense and fast pace not people sitting back and camping with her fucking sniper rifle. Also their idea for having set loot is absolutely horrible and it will make parts of the map completely useless and dead. People avoid going to certain spots leaving areas in the map dead because there is no reason to drop their with weak-ass loot. Please Apex don't listen to these guys they're just trying to turn Apex into every other battle royal game they've played instead of it being its own thing

  6. Wait we are aloud to take other peoples content and slap advertisments on ourselves for$ dam youtube thats Greece

  7. Cheaters are people who want to be noticed, they want to have something that can make them standout and make other people realize that even if you have high skill you still lose in front of them…. they want to feel superior than everyone else no matter which way they choose to get that superiority.. and they dont find joy in winning .. they find joy by defeating people that tried hard in this game.. they feel joy when others suffered from what they caused ..

  8. I mean alternator is a good gun. Has very little damage drop off, and high fire rate, also could have 28 round clip which is pretty nice. If you're able to hit mostly headshots, it's smacks.

  9. I respect that guy. Not for cheating of course, but for exposing cheating. He clearly wasn't trying to hide it with a name like MostDefCheating, and … he responded to Docs stream. Hopefully Respawn is embarassed of this, because they should be. Cheaters running rampant, not even a peep of a game update since Wingman "nerf" (kappa) update. And the game slowly but surely slipping down the rankings.

  10. No hackers will never disappear but there are things you can do to fix it. For example you can go to prison in China. Respawn should sue the hackers for tarnishing their reputation and killing their brand

  11. The doc has the coolest transition clips and art for a twitch streamer

  12. What’s sad is banning people isn’t going to solve the problem because most of these cheaters are on dummy accounts.. this is obviously a dummy account as well

  13. I bet that's not the first time Doc has tipped white powder out of the window while evading the police.

  14. The only way to drastically reduce cheating on PC is hardware bans, CPU, GPU or MOBO all registered on the accounts. The problem that may cause though is on the secondary market i.e you end up buying banned equipment ?? Perhaps it could be a hardware ban based on the current confiq the person has, while some hardcore hackers would swap out parts, it would eliminate casual hackers maybe.

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