DrDisrespect Faces His FIRST HACKER in Season 3 in Apex Legends!

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    00:08 Game 1 (Killed by a hacker) + NEW mouse!

    00:52 On new Apex mode + Peacekeeper kill + Teammate steals Doc's loot lol

    1:59 More Peacekeeper action – EZ work + carrying teammates

    3:10 Doc likes this! – Peacekeeper at work

    5:26 New mouse if fire

    6:13 top 10 situation

    6:47 action

    7:11 Dancing with an enemy LOL! "way better!" + more domination with the new mouse

    8:35 action

    9:23 Last fight with a hacker! + killed by him!

    11:24 Fortnite roast + Game 2 (raging at "stupid teammates")

    12:07 Lifeline feels faster than Pathfinder + no weapons!

    12:42 action

    13:08 On Pathfinder's speed

    14:04 action

    15:12 Feliz Navidaaaaad + action

    17:25 Tongue action

    19:26 Knocked & revived + weird moment + "they suck"

    21:49 action

    22:40 intense action + Killed by a "P***"!! + raging at teammates!

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