DrDisrespect is READY for Apex Legends Season 4

Download Apex Legends Season 4 free on PC, Xbox, and PS4 here:

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► Judge B*tch – BS10
► Scandroid – 2517
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► Track: Max Brhon – Cyberpunk [NCS Release]
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  1. You are far more fun to watch than shroud. He's good don't get me wrong, i just don't find his youtube editing makes him any more entertaining. You are pretty good and fun which is always appreciated as a viewer. keep up the good work DOC!

  2. You know PewDiePie? The one that people say number one in YouTube? Well Dr. Disrespect is my PewDiePie

  3. anything besides escape from tarkov… shit is so boring to watch someone play

  4. Apex daily: can we put your clips in our montage?
    Doc: i have montage at home.
    Montage at home:

  5. I could tell Doc was feeling it that day. He was playing out of his damn mind! 🤝 Also this video deserves WAY more views. Solid editing. Solid Gameplay. 💯

  6. DrD: First off, we've got to thank EA……
    Anyone:………*Insert owl noises*

  7. The editing is so good that you actually almost end up believing he is one of the best Apex players lmao

  8. I honestly think EA needs to hire your editor at this point Doc, the new apex trailer kinda low in energy

  9. Gotdamn! Docs videos are always so fuckin badass!! Love his shit!!!!

  10. This was a lot of editing work. But hardest part is finding all the right clips to use. He made it work.

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