DrDisrespect's HUGE RAGE on Apex Legends Season 3 (10/7/19)

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  1. I don't understand the utter refusal to heal himself in the second clip. It was really pissing me off.

  2. This wasn't mega rage. Not even close. Just a mad rant. He gets way way worse than this. This isn't mega rage!!!!!!

  3. Everyone's saying he complains too much but he's absolutely right about the Triple Take. Such an easy sniper to use.

  4. When you go insane by a game that you apparently don’t like playing because of the weapons

  5. Lol yeah it is triple take it feels like the shot Goes like a magnet to the enemy you can land 100% Every shot from Every range

  6. Thing about the Triple Take is that it's pretty weak at at long range compare to other snipers without choke. And more effective at close-mid range without choke. Doc should have kept his distance.

  7. The Dr raging about the Triple take while I'm out here getting targeted by 3 charge rifles from 300m away in every angle imaginable while behind cover.

  8. But you stand in the wide open trying to snipe, which you almost never do in pubg doc c'mon you got outplayed, like 90% of the time.

  9. lol since he cheated on his wife he is the two time champ

  10. Lol! Pretty sure "wolves" don't cry like little bitches after getting knocked in Apex.

  11. The r99 is a cheap ass weapon and thats docs and every other “pro” players go to. Tf also on pc theres no recoil

  12. Hmmmm….a bit of a piece of shit response from the Doc to the guy asking him his advice about alcoholism.

  13. He rages at every BR game and calls it trash 🤷🏼‍♂️nothing new lol

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