Dread Pirate Jonesy's Deathrun – Fortnite Creative, 13,000 V-Buck Challenge #piratejonesy

Island Page:
Island Code: 2167-3396-1292

Yarr! Avast ye me hearties! It is I, the Dread Pirate Jonesy. I’ve hidden me buried treasure on me secret pirate cove and ye be trespassin’. Try if ya dare, but ye not be gettin’ your landlubber hands on me booty!

I hid me loot beyond the reach of the unworthy, behind traps and puzzles that will stump a scallywag like yeself.

Have at…


  1. Literally can not walk threw the cave on level 10 after jumping up the rocks. Not sure if there was an update with rocks or character models but I literally couldn’t fit with a male raptor skin

  2. Hi I won first place in about ten mins but sadly I forgot to record also I don’t now how to send vids or pic plz gift me user name foxyeevee0608

  3. what im suposed to do on level 8?¿ im stuck, all walls are invisible and cant move anywere with the pistol boost… i took a coin that its upstairs but nothing more to do! help

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