EASIEST DIY L1 R1 Trigger Buttons for PUBG Mobile | Fortnite

Get the competitive edge in FPS Mobile games with this AMAZINGLY EASY hack that you can try anywhere, anytime!

This hack works best for FPS games like Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and Roles of Survival… however it should work for any mobile games that require tapping buttons; ie if the controls can be customized.

What is your favorite mobile game? Comment below! 👍

The goal of this hack was to allow you to have the dominating advantage wherever you are, as long as you…


  1. Mine is not working, it does work but when i put foil with tape on the screen i cant even click an app :/

  2. I love you! So easy! I did it with kitchen tin foil and scotch tape in under 1 minute while the match was queuing haha. Game-changer😍
    P.S. worked without taking off the screen protector

  3. I tried some foil based methods. But all of them had an issue. When touching some other buttons with fingers. These triggers disabling. More buttons you press more chances they disable. May be somebody found out how to challenge this problem?
    I have 10 touches screen which works perfectly with fingers. But foil fails when using 2 or more fingers.

  4. I took my mums credit card by accident for this then she said what are you doing with my credit card then I told her then she said nothing and we went to a game shop in a mall and she bought me a controller and said nothing. When we got home she cried on my should and said in sorry.. Then I was confused. The end

  5. Hey bro… Why are you not famous. I was searching so many pubg triggers and finally I found something easy to make

  6. Thanks for making my dream come true!!(also you can do it with other things not just that tipe of gum foil) (that was a tip) 😉

  7. This video probably doesnt appease to many because you have a smaller phone and you dont have that much room. They probably see it as an alternative way, but cause of the size of your phone, kinda makes it look unreliable. If that makes any sens.e

  8. Not to hate but all the people u killed were bots but the vid is really good

  9. Its actually work..
    Cant belive it, i dont need to buy gamepad trigger.

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