EASIEST Way To Get HEIRLOOM SHARDS in Apex Legends SEASON 5 Crazy Pack Opening !!!

In this video you will see how to obtain heirloom shards for any apex legend character in season 5 in Apex Legends.

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  1. Camping=XP=Packs=Heirloom, the time it would take my to camp for xp and get heirloom shards, I could get £2000 from working lmfao ($2500)

  2. Can a low player join me lobby so I can get the heirloom because of bot lobbies add me username is JayKobez7807 with caps and no spaces

  3. Bro I'm around level 450 and i spent around 200 apex packs and bought every battle pass and maxed them out except season 1 and i still don't have an heirloom 🙁

  4. Am i lucky? When i joined apex in my first 5 packs i got 2 legendaries the Void Specialist skin and the Apex Overdrive skin

  5. Help me get heirloom I’m a wraith main for a long time please help

  6. the crypto heirloom is coming out and i’m a crypto main, lvl 488 and no heirloom. It really seems rigged that low lvl players get them more. I don’t want to spend 100$+ on packs. I thought that you get a heirloom guaranteed at lvl 500 so i was wrong. I feel like i’m never going to get it, i’ve been playing since season 1.

  7. Used an online calculator meant for heirloom shards. I’m 98 packs away from my first heirloom and I’ve been playing since day one

  8. So..im scrolling through comments, so..should i feel bad that il level 53 with 3 heirlooms?PS(Dont give me the moms credit card bullshit i work for my money and i can use it witchever way i like)

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