Rolex found an easy fix to the scope gltich! Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Whats weird is ive had this issue some days since the update, and some days not. It occurs least on erangel for me as well

  2. Dude mines been much worse my scope was literally rendering in and out really fast its been horrible

  3. I dont know how you are getting that high ping in your own region but thats the best I can get. No matter what server I play the ping is never below 200ms

  4. Omg i did that 2 days ago because i was so mad at my points and then installed 1 day later. Didn't realise this was the solution for the glitch and that is now fixed. 🤣🤣

  5. #Rolexxx What's up man ! GGs .How do you like the new K/D system and can you do a video on that ? I watched the video about how to gain high K/D you posted but things have changed in this season

  6. Damn i just looking through my subscriptions and saw rolexx, I remember when he used to be in lights out

  7. I play your sensitivity on iPad with out jiro and it’s bean helping me a lot thanks

  8. Ik this sounds dumb but i think cuz the character is breathing because now the character moves when it stays afk

  9. Play area f2 pubgm is such a lucrative scam bs and changed the KD PUBG unknown glitches even on good phones

  10. make a how to aim vid if you can that’d be appreciated

  11. I first found rolex on a pubg mobile stream. I love watching rolex now 😍😍😍😍

  12. Rolex needs a car; a red car appears beside a tree.

    I need a car; runs for 2km and finds a buggy with sidecar.

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