Easy way to install mods on GTA 5 – setting up & getting started on PC for beginners – 1 of 2

Installing mods can feel quite complicated when you’re starting out, so this is the easiest way I know to get started:

1) Go to gta5-mods.com
2) Search for ‘Script Hook V’. Click on ‘Script Hook V + Native Trainer’
3) Check for recent comments, ratings and installation instructions (there should be several million downloads)
4) Click on Download
5) Put the files in a new folder on your computer – you could call it ‘mods’ for example
6) Copy the files from the ‘bin’ folder you’ve…


  1. When I go to program files and then Rockstar games, Grand theft auto doesn't pop up for me. Its just says launcher or social club. What should I do?

  2. if you do mod your games it's a very good idea to download core temp.

  3. this is the first mod guide thats actually easy other ones u cant understand anything

  4. When I try to install mods it’s in notes how do I make a file so I can download it or does that matter

  5. When you want to play in GTA V online do I need to remove scripthook from the GTAV folder everytime?

  6. Do you have to verify game files after you put the files in the gta also how do you open the menu

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