energy ammo haha in apex legends

good vibes yo



  1. This is so funny it's like im hearing a smerff play not to far from the thought huh not with that booger sugar hahahahaha

  2. Zylbrad you should try and win a game solo and you can only use crafted guns and ammo and if you don t go solo your team have to only use crafted guns and ammo

  3. As a German this vid is even funnier cause vibe is pronounced like the German word Weib which is an old word for woman. Now use this information and you are gonna hear 'I am on 11 vibes ' the same like me

  4. Apex kinda sucks now that the only way to win is with energy weapons.

  5. i love winkyes "Oh Brad's!!"'..also Brad means fir tree in romanian so that's also a thing..

  6. No man can jump on you. Except for??????
    What is the answer????!!!

  7. Can we just all mark Facebook ads repetitive and irrelevant its already mandatory on every phone but they feel like they need advertising I'd rather see a real company run by a human and not mark zukerbot you know something that isn't a household name but might deserve to be

  8. You can just see that zylbrad is both fun and really skilled in apex legends

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