Every death my CONTROLLER gets AIMBOT to HACK in Fortnite

Every death my AIMBOT gets my CONTROLLER to HACK in Fortnite

GameSir’s Keyboard/Mouse Controller:

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  1. So when you were doing keyboard and mouse it showed… controller controls?! 😱😱😱 OH… MY… GOD…

  2. hello this is a fortnite enploy we do not recomand people using these controlers

  3. Seeing that you had your hood on tight the whole games, makes me suspect you got a bad haircut

  4. Bruh with no aim assist and no hacks I could get a 20 bomb bruh

  5. Imagine using aimbot on a game cuz your bad at it and custom controls.

  6. I did the like and sub cuz i risked it on another vid i dont wanna do it again cuz i saw a bug

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